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Mantis Infrared Temperature Sensor

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Mantis is a ground-breaking new electronic tire temperature sensor, designed specifically for motorcycles, Using a sophisticated infrared sensor, the Mantis reads and displays to the rider front and rear tire surface temperatures in real time, Tire surface temperature is a crucial variable in maximizing the tire*s ability to adhere to the road surface, Knowing the tire*s temperature in real time allows the rider to make adjustments that will keep the tires operating in their optimal temperature range; riding with your tires at their optimal temperature increases grip and extends the tire*s life, Installing the Mantis digital tire temperature sensor is a simple matter, requiring only a few hand tools, and can be installed by an experienced technician in less than 30 minutes, Maintenance on the Mantis is fast and easy; prior to riding on the track, use a clean cotton swab to remove dirt and debris from the lens on each sensor, The Mantis non-contact infrared sensor utilizes a 17-bit analog-to-digital converter and a powerful digital signal processing unit, With a resolution of 0.02?C, the Mantis sensor is a highly precise measuring instrument, A proprietary lens serves to create a wide-angle field of view for the sensor to observe infrared radiation emitted from the tire*s surface, The lens protects the sensor from being damaged by road debris, Encapsulating the sensor*s electronic component assembly is a durable injection-molded polycarbonate housing, The Mantis display unit houses a glare-free liquid crystal display and a processor capable of converting raw data from the thermal sensor into valuable human-readable information, in real time, Programmable alerts can be easily set, and are useful in alerting the rider when his/her tire temperatures exceed the desired range

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