DAKOTA DIGITAL Tank Speedometer – Black Bezel – 3-3/8″ MLX-3004-K


Tank Speedometer – Black Bezel – 3-3/8″

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Includes an adjustable speedometer, bar-type tachometer, voltmeter, cylinder temp (when available), odometer with two trip meters, service meter and hour meter and low fuel indicators, Performs calculations and displays high speed/RPM recall, 0-60 timer, 1/4-mile time and speed, Displays automatically dims for comfortable nighttime riding and brightens to a high-contrast mode for excellent visibility, even in direct sunlight, Indicators for check engine, security and cruise on/engaged (engaged only MLX-3000), 31 Illumination colors available, Voltage read out with low voltage alert, Made in the U.S.A., ’03 and older bikes require cut-and-slice hard wiring for installation.

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