The Ego has a maximum speed of 150 mph. The fun of the Energica Ego isn’t its top-speed ability, but the instant surge of useable around-town power. You find yourself slowing down just to punch it and feel the surge of all that torque. This all-electric sportbike has 148 lb-ft (215 Nm) of torque. When you grip the throttle and twist, all that torque wreaks havoc on that flexor carpi radialis at any speed as it throws you back in the saddle and you flex your forearms to stay on board. The Energica Ego has a range of about 260 miles (420Km) in mixed-use according to Energica, or about 121 miles (200km) on the highway where you don’t use regenerative braking. It has a tach in the TFT display that shows you how fast the engine is spinning, but the bike is essentially direct drive and there’s a very direct correlation between your hand and your speed.



  • Category: Dump Trailers
Additional Information:

POWER: 145 hp TORQUE: 148 lb-ft
TOP SPEED: 150 mph ACCELERATION: 0-60 mph 2.9 sec
RANGE: 249 miles City / 143 miles Combined / 112 miles Extra Urban

VIN: ZNNL1A1C9PS000184
MILEAGE: 85 miles