If the instant torque that the SR delivers wasnt enough for you the SR/F is sure to satisfy your need for speed. While you wait for only 1 hour for a full charge you can think about the 124mph top speed you can hit, the 140 ft/lb of torque you’ll send the the rear wheel and the 187 miles you can ride before having to recharge. This performance oriented variant of the SR platform shines bright as an example of what an electric motorcycle can and should be. All while still maintaining features such as hill hold, cruise control, and different rider modes. A prime example of what the future of motorcycling holds. Low miles, garage kept, never down.


2022 Zero SR/F

  • Condition: Like New
  • Payload capacity: 500lbs
  • Category: sport
Additional Information:

Piggyback reservoir shock w/ adjustable spring preload
Compression and Rebound damping
Bosch Advanced MSC
Typical cost to recharge = $1.94