Best Road Trip Routes for Motorcycle Riders Near Seattle, WA

Best Road Trip Routes for Motorcycle Riders Near Seattle, WA

There’s a unique charm to Seattle, Washington. The dynamic cityscape is the perfect blend of urban and nature, but there’s an unbeatable allure for motorcycle enthusiasts – the spectacular road trip routes nearby. Offering panoramic vistas, twisting roads, and unending Pacific Northwest charm, these rides are nothing short of a motorcycle rider’s dream.

Olympic Peninsula Loop: A Journey into the Wilderness

The Olympic Peninsula Loop is a heaven-sent for motorcyclists craving an encounter with the great outdoors. Stretching 330 miles, this route leads riders around the Olympic National Park, rewarding them with enchanting rainforests, mountains, and coastline views. The Loop also introduces riders to charming, tucked-away towns that offer rest, refreshments, and a dose of local culture.

Mountain Loop Highway: A Peek into the Cascades

Not for the faint-hearted, the Mountain Loop Highway offers 140 miles of challenging, winding roads that dance with the Cascade Mountains. Known for its hairpin turns and steep gradients, this route is not just about adrenaline – it’s a sensory delight with its towering peaks, lush green forests, and serene alpine lakes.

SR-20, North Cascades Highway: An Unforgettable Journey

The photographer’s dream route is SR-20 or the North Cascades Highway. Spanning approximately 140 miles, this road is famous for its picturesque views of the North Cascades National Park, often dubbed “the American Alps.” The rich wildlife and the views of turquoise, glacier-fed lakes will leave you spellbound.

Whidbey Island Scenic Isle Way: An Island Adventure

Are you longing for a seaside ride? The Whidbey Island Scenic Isle Way is your answer. The route unfolds across Whidbey Island, the longest island in the contiguous United States. Enjoy a smooth ride along the coast, taking in the mesmerizing views of Puget Sound, charming lighthouses, and historic forts.

Chuckanut Drive (SR-11): A Cliffside Excursion

Often called Washington’s Big Sur, Chuckanut Drive offers breathtaking views of the San Juan Islands and the Samish Bay. The road clings to the seaside cliffs, creating a thrilling, dramatic ride. But don’t worry – there are plenty of turnouts to enjoy the stunning scenery safely.

Seattle to Leavenworth: Bavaria in the Heart of Washington

A unique treat on this list, the road trip from Seattle to Leavenworth leads you to a charming Bavarian village in the heart of Washington. The route is adorned with river valleys, steep mountain ranges, and apple orchards, making it a feast for your senses.

Stevens Pass Greenway: A National Scenic Byway

A part of the U.S. Route 2, Stevens Pass Greenway is a designated National Scenic Byway for a good reason. The route encompasses waterfalls, mountain views, and the striking skyline ridge of the Cascades. The Greenway is a visual masterpiece, changing sceneries as the seasons turn.

Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls: A Short but Sweet Journey

The ride from Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls is ideal for those with limited time. The route is 30 miles long and leads to the stunning 270-foot waterfall, offering an exceptional view from the motorcycle saddle. Don’t miss the historic Salish Lodge and the iconic Twin Peaks diner.

Mount Rainier Loop: Majestic Vistas Guaranteed

Lastly, the Mount Rainier Loop is an all-time favorite among Seattle motorcyclists. A 440-mile journey around the majestic Mount Rainier, this trip offers the opportunity to marvel at wildflower meadows, subalpine forests, and rugged mountain landscapes.

The Call of the Open Road

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